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Create, Print, and Sell: Personalized Calendar Making Course | Skillshare

NEW CLASS ON SKILLSHARE! here's a look what's in the course on creating calendars

Create, Print, and Sell: Personalised Calendar Making Course

Watch the Trailer

Personalised calendars make perfect gifts. In this class we will be be focusing on creating a yearly calendars (with a look at a mix of photography calendars and show you how I create mine on Procreate).  

Hey everyone! I’m Sang I’m a procreate artist, a children’s book author and illustrator a mom and an enthusiastic calendar creator! 

Who is this class for?

People who love creating calendar. I will help you plan, create and give you tips on how to print, publish or sell your calendar. This class is also tailor-made for individuals whose love language is gifting. 

What supplies do you need?

Feel free to unleash your creativity using any medium you're comfortable with. While my primary focus will be on using Procreate for creating artwork, you are encouraged to follow along using your preferred method—sketch, ink, paint, or capture photographs. The principles we'll cover remain consistent across various mediums.

What you'll need for this class:


Pinterest for references, if needed

Procreate app or 12 papers for the 12 months of the year

And any art supplies you want to bring 


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