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Divorce at the time of COVID-19

Divorce cases have gone up since the virus, especially in China because couples are finding it hard to live together in isolation! Interestingly when the world began talking about work from home and quarantine this thought did occur to me that many families may not enjoy the process for being forced to coexist. I even mentioned this in my previous article when I talked about it

"Unfortunately or fortunately we all have been forced into isolation in a new phrase called "social distancing".It also means everyone has to go back "home" and be the opposite of social distancing from their families because of "self containment" which for many may be a bigger adjustment."

So I decided to address this in a Youtube video

Tips to Survive Quarantine at Home (so you can be happy)

1. Treat your spouse like a Colleague or your Boss

2. Be Kind

3. Your Spouse isn't the enemy (corona virus is)

4. Be Patient

5. Imagine your taking care of your kids alone (without her/him) lol

6. Create Space for Work (which is separate from distractions)*

7. Create a Space for Fun which is including all distractions**

8. Your family is all you've got

9. Love

10. Take a Deep Breath

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So let's survive together with joy and support and being the best versions of ourselves to the people who love us!


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