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Some are blessed with stable jobs, some are blessed with full salaries every month. Not everyone is.

The music, covers, dedications and donations are great— but not just migrants patients with Covid19 are struggling. So many have been forced to go through pay cuts and job cuts and our spirits are probably at an all time low.

So this morning I thought, if each of us help at least one person a day by encouraging them, or praying for them (if that's what you do), or teaching them a new skill— we could make the world a little better.

So I podcasted about it!

Now you may wonder what you're good at and what you can do to contribute here are some ideas: Consult, Teach, Create and Share Recipes and much more.

One of the ways you can help is to Consult and advice people with practical tips on how to come out of struggling to create a social media foothold especially entrepreneurs with small businesses. Those who have time can help those come out of this crisis stronger. Those in need of my services can email me:

Also some FREE Apps and useful sites to help you during COVID19 Quarantine

1- Download Over for their design work (this poster was made on it).

2- Udemy is giving crazy discounts during this time

My Level 1 Video Editing Course on Udemy

My YouTube Course on Udemy

My Level 1 Violin Course on Udemy

3- Story Tel- which has a combination of audio and readable material which also gives original content.

4- Audible- Amazon's app which may seem expensive for many I find the book collection eclectic. (My daughter is learning hindi from one of the Audio Books from there).

5- Oxford Owl, Math Tango and this website has a lot of worksheets and reading content which is free

SangHomemadeJoy is making a few orders during this Quarantine (Check out the Menu), but I'm more focussed more on sharing easy to make recipes on Youtube and Instagram. I know many women have a chain recipe going on where they are sharing their recipes.

Since homeschool has been forced on many of us (what a joy)— you can share subjects which you are good at. Even reading your favourite book and sharing it with friends and family is a nice change because we are all limited with our libraries. And Oce the lockdown eases you can buy them from Amazon or a book store its available) my daughter is getting very bored, I've made some videos which are like GK quizzes.

GK Indian States -

Survival Tips

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