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Monsoon Mayhem | August Updates

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

It's been a good monsoon, #blessed #rain lots of rain and lots of adventures in the rain. This monsoon I had the joy of enjoying the rains from indoors as well as venturing in the hair on the bike and in public transport.

After watching this video, you'll probably figure out that bus is really the safest bet to travel in the rain. Today I got majorly splash by a biker while i was in an auto (that wasn't fun). The wet Bombay mud on the highway really is the worse. We had a accident at Chakala on my way to the studio today and my parents were like, get a tetanus shot not for the metal but for the road (we survived).

But in the country I hate the monsoon most in Mussoorie (the town that I grew up at 13.5 years) its dreary and gloomy there. Probably one of the main reasons why I was ok that I missed my 20 year reunion at school. I'm pretty sure if they had it in October (winter line and all) I would have made it). My favourite city for monsoon though isn't Bombay but Bhopal. That city had the perfect clouds, with the perfect timlelapse sky through the rain. The lake opposite our home would swell up and look like an ocean with waves. I miss Bhopal still can't believe it's been almost 3 years of being back in Bombay.

Monsoon is almost over, and at the beginning of the season I had done a youtube video on monsoon proofing your phone, the video didn't get too many views, but I did see a lot of people having the same case as me.

Updates with me the violin classes #violinclasses #violin #musicislife are full swing, as is an editing project I'm working on so life has been busy. I still find time to youtube which is awesome. So far I have been posting faithfully since the start of the year so its a pretty awesome achievement i would say. The YouTube MasterClass and Video Editing for Kids classes going on, but just the online versions.

Padmini Kumar Designs is my mom's venture which has her handmade creations of jewellery and other ornaments.
Padmini Kumar Designs Ready for the Festive Season

I'm also a proud daughter as my Mom has completed a year of professionally making and selling handmade jewellery #prouddaughter #mymomisagenius and I'm so proud of the beautiful creations. It's been amazing to see her still be such an amazing entrepreneur. I'm mostly proud of her sets which I will be wearing a lot more of now that festival season has begun. Check out her stuff whenever you get time I love that she's available through PayPal and catering to the international market.



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