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I've always had the support and love of my parents and more so in my work whenever I needed help they would be there. It's important to always acknowledge the support you've received, no matter the destination-- I will aways remember and value, those who lifted me up.

My mom and Dad are those who have stood by me in the good and bad. Today when I post about upgrading my studio, I cannot do so without acknowledging their hand in so many of my blessings. Even after mom passed away, Dad is ever eager to give support, tips and feedback about the tweaks that improve my work. I could not what I do without them.

My husband, George's input came much later on in life -- he too has been a great encouragement. It is because of his vision of me as an artist and creator that I even dared to own an apple pencil and an iPad. That vision he had, has set me on a path that I never knew was possible. Today I've been able to publish books, create worksheets, and create graphics and brushes and do so much in my life because my husband had thought that I may enjoy a resource And that thought has changed my life.

See, you can own the best softwares the best computers, the best phones but knowing what to do with what you have is really the key. Many creators do the most brilliant work using the most basic equipment.

Over the years, I would hire mics and camera and lights for shoots because it was either too expensive to own or else we didn't have the space.

After mom died, I suddenly got this need to do more with my life. I think it was the idea that life is short. Many people invest in children (and that's a good thing) and the man's work because he would be the core bread winner. But I'm blessed to have those who support me even thought I'm not earning as much as many would think I would.

Slow and steady wins the race was a phrase that I would always remember as a child -- I don't know if that can be applied to my life but for now I'm happy that I'm working and busy and creating.

For a creator, creating is oxygen. And even if you're "just a house wife" (as I'm often made to feel from many people) take creation out of my life I'm a carcass.

I'm so grateful for the upgrades that keep happening in my career. First it was a camera, then a light, then a mic. I know the journey I have had to set up my studio. The kind gifts I have received from people like Thomas, or the birthdays and Christmas's which I used the gifts to invest in my studio.

Youtube has been a great source of knowledge for me. Unlike my Dad, mom and brother who all graduated from the XIC (Xavier's Institute of Communication) I was "unpad-gavaar" (uneducated) when it came to the media.

As a teenager, I learned photography and camera because I wanted to develop photographs in the Woodstock School dark room (I was fascinated by the chemical developing) in Hostel. I got into video because I wanted to learn how to edit in the edit bay at the Media centre.

Eventually my skills were honed when no cameraman wanted to shoot late night parties which was my show. Because of that, I had to learn the PD150 camera and learn how to shoot myself in the night.

My editing skills took a professional turn when the producers at Headlines Today office at the Delhi office told my manager that I didn't know how to speak English (Turns out they were just being lazy and didn't want to edit my stories). She (Rukmini) told me the only way to counter that was to edit my own content, and she was right. Suddenly once my final edited pieces started streaming from the Bombay office, my English was no longer an issue.

I remember in NDTV I needed to learn Avid to edit stories, and my for my first edit that went on air, Pranay Roy (we've grown up admiring and watching him) walked up to me and complimented me about my editing skills.

Editing my own content in my media work empowered me to create creative content that looked different from the other content. That gave me advantages of creative jobs and opportunities.

Once I set up my own studio from the computer I edited on, to the software I was using to the tables, backdrops, set design elements all of this was done with God's help, my parents (and more recently Dad) and my husband George.

I hope this video helps you navigate and discover what you may want to add into your studio. And I hope my written words encourage you to never give up on your dreams and be open to get help from those who love you because that really is what has enhanced the quality of my work.

I do have some links which may help you find some of the things I've bought to upgrade my studio, these are affiliate links so at no cost to you I may earn a commission

Equipment used:

Shot with Iphone13

Overhead Sony Zv1

As it was George's idea to introduce the iPad into my life, he was really keen on me upgrading my iPhone X. Truth is I was really disappointed with the keynote apple gave and wasn't planning to upgrade, but George (as always) had other plans.

It's an easy phone to fall in love with, its big and heavy and perfect and stable as I discovered in our drive to the beach

I am super impressed with the phone and yesterday as an experiment (since all we do is play with the devices we get) I thought I'd shoot an art video from start to finish. I shot the video (it took 40 minutes for me to do this video) and 20 minutes to edit it on the iPhone. Yes you heard me 20 minutes to edit your 40 minute content on the phone! I was impressed.

This is a studio update that I am really excited about.

More to adventures to come!

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