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Summer Holiday Tips

Activity 1 :Books

  • Choose age appropriate books (pinterest has fun lists)

  • Team your books with the movie adaptations

  • Comics are allowed (Tinkle and Asterix and Tin Tin (mix of local comics are important too))

  • Audio books (to also help non enthusiastic readers): Audible has a wonderful children’s stories collection

Get your FREE trial FOR AUDIBLE :

My children's book is also a good summer read (lol): Swamp Friends (paperback)

Activity 3 Board Games

Activity 4 Family Projects

  • Gardening

Seed Starter (Herbs):

Grow Kit (Tomatoes):

Tomato Grow Kit:

Vegetable Garden Kit (51 variety):

  • Kitchen Projects

Sourdough Kits (accessories):


Make your own sourdough starter Whole Wheat: *atta

Sourdough San Francisco:

Note: Find ways to give responsibilities to your kids like maybe being in charge of making the salad for lunch (if they are older and can manage knifes and peelers) We use Plastic knives and peelers for safety.

Safer knifes Ceramic:

Ceramic Peeler, Knife and Cutting board:

*some of these are affiliate links, at no cost to you, they support my work

Activity 5 Mini Adventures

  • Don’t use google maps and (in keeping with the lockdown protocols) explore nearby places

  • Options: YouTube drone videos around the world, Videos about food and cultures

Around the World:

Around the world (in a year):

Antarctic Drone:

Be safe and have a great summer


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